Top 5 things I miss from HPU

By Kirstie Pratt

Don’t get me wrong, studying abroad was the best decision I ever made, but when you go to a school as amazing as High Point University, there are bound to be a few things to miss. Here’s my top 5 things I miss most from HPU. 

1. Transportation on campus

I always drove my car anywhere I was going on campus, weither it was to class or a meeting or just a friend’s room, it was convient to drive myself. Obviously I couldn’t bring my car to England with me but let me tell you I wish I had the HPU trolleys. The hills here are unbelievable and walking just around our small little campus can get tiring. Walking into town just to get groceries and bring them back is my work out for the day. Now they do have public buses but they don’t have a stop too close to campus and you have to pay. I will definitely be using the trolleys a lot more when I come back in the spring. 

2. Magic Meals

We got lucky here in Winchester where we have a tiny meal plan. We get £40 a week on our student ID here to use at the dining locations on campus. The drawback to this is you pay everything separate. There’s no all you can eat for a swipe like at the cafe or farmers market. We have to pay for our sandwhich plus our fries and a drink. An average meal I eat is usually around £6, therefore barely one meal a day. We can use cash at these dining locations unlike HPU, but who really wants to do that? 

3. Free laundry 

I never realized why my brothers would always bring all their laundry home from college on breaks. I always had mine done and came home with clean clothes so I didn’t have to burden my mom to wash them for me. HPU gave us the luxury of free laundry in our tuition. I even had my own washer and dryer in my townhome last year that I only shared with one other person. I now understand the struggle of having to save your change and go do laundry at midnight when no one is in there. A single wash here is £2.20 and a dry is £1.20. In the U.S. that’s roughly $5, just for one load and I usually have around 2 or 3. Having free laundry is definitely going to be nice when I get back. 

4. The Petal Points

Singing has always been a huge part of my life since elementary school so of course I continued my passion into my college career. Freshman year I was selected to be in the premiere all female A Capella group at HPU named The Petal Points. These girls became my family right away and made my transition away from home so much easier. They’ve already had numerous gigs and have learned some new songs in my absence and I always stalk them wishing I was there. Getting to perform again with them in the spring is what I am most looking forward to when I get back to school in January. 

5. My friends

I came abroad with 3 really good friends from the Media Fellows Program and thank goodness I did because it’s so nice having people you get along with to hang out and travel with. I’ve also met some awesome people since being here that also go to HPU and others from England and all over Europe. Making new friends has been an amazing experience but there’s nothing like your best friends at school in the states to make you wish you were back there. My two best friends Ally and Sabrina  make sure to FaceTime me at least once a week, but it’s usually more. Thank goodness for technology or this would probably be a lot harder. I can’t wait to be reunited with them, my little, my sorority sisters, and all my friends back at HPU next semester! 

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Weekly Study Abroad Show 3

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First Week

This gallery contains 5 photos.

Winchester Stonehenge Bath London Jurassic Coast

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Why fish and chips will change your life

By Kirstie Pratt

In America we have plenty of different kinds of fish, prepared in numerous ways. I was never one to actually order fish at a restaurant because it didn’t appeal to me. So when I came to England and everyone would say “have you had fish and chips yet??”  I decided maybe it is something I should order. 

Fish and chips is to be described as a filet of cod battered and deep fried with what we would call French fries. But, let me tell you, they are much more than that. They have perfected the act of deep frying the fish to make the batter flaky and the cod moist. Not to mention the chips don’t even compare to French fries. They are thick cuts of potato fried to golden perfection. Ketchup doesn’t do them justice either. You have to go all in and cover them with malt vinegar and salt. You do the same with the fish. They compliment each other so well, but plain will do just fine as well. This gives the flavor of the fish to come through without it getting drowned out by tartar sauce. 

You can get fish and chips in most pubs around England. I had my first taste of them at a small pub called The Willow Tree on the outside of the city of Winchester.  

 The best fish and chip experience I had though was in the city of Swanage near the Jurassic Coast. They made our meals fresh when we ordered and we are on a picnic table right next to the English Channel. Smelling the ocean air and feeling the breeze from the water made the experience that much better.  

 I recommend trying the English dish at least once while you’re abroad even if fish isn’t your thing. Just make sure you don’t forget the mushy peas!  


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New Video Blog

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Video Blog!

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Sitting on the train back from London.

Hello again. I realize it has been a quite long time since my last post and a lot has happened since then so I am going to try and recap as much as possible for you guys!

Last week was spent cruising through the Mediterranean visiting many different ports and cultures. We went to Naples Italy, Palma de Mallaorca Spain, Barcelona spain, and even the south of France before heading back to Rome. The cruise was nothing short of fantastic. We did everything from city tours of some of the most beautiful, quaint cities, to doing wine tastings in Spain and  Tuscany. Getting to travel with my family before Winchester was unforgettable and I’m very lucky to have had the opportunity to do so. (Thanks mom and dad).
Now that the cruise was over it was time to head to Winchester England where I am spending the next 3 months. As I landed in London I had a Mixture of feelings. I had looked forward to studying abroad for a long time but it always seemed so far away and now it was here. Obviously I was excited but was very nervous as well. The minute I walked into the city of Winchester and saw how cute and pretty it was, I immediately knew I had made the right choice.
After getting settled into my dorm and meeting my flat mates who are all from the UK ( and awesome) I now had only excitement for what was to come. The university then had a party to welcome us and helped us meet other people too. Then we were given our schedule of how our first week would go.
On Monday we toured Winchester and were told how the local bus routes and train routes work which was super helpful in getting acclimated. On Tuesday we headed to Stonehenge which was beautiful as always, before heading to the Roman baths in Bath England which was a beautiful piece of history. And today, London. I have been to London a couple times prior and I have loved it every time. Today we did a cruise on the river Thames and visited Buckingham Palace (God save the queen) before being given free time to just explore all the city has to offer. This was only a taste of London and I know I will be back very soon and often.
So I realize as many of you are reading this you are probably wondering am I ever going to go to class or study? The answer is yes. I actually start classes on Monday which I am very excited for oddly enough. All this traveling has been amazing but I’m ready to get into a more normal routine of life.

Sorry that this was a long post but I had a lot to catch up on. I don’t have any photos yet but I promise I will soon. As always, feel free to comment below any questions you have or just to say hi!


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