Why fish and chips will change your life

By Kirstie Pratt

In America we have plenty of different kinds of fish, prepared in numerous ways. I was never one to actually order fish at a restaurant because it didn’t appeal to me. So when I came to England and everyone would say “have you had fish and chips yet??”  I decided maybe it is something I should order. 

Fish and chips is to be described as a filet of cod battered and deep fried with what we would call French fries. But, let me tell you, they are much more than that. They have perfected the act of deep frying the fish to make the batter flaky and the cod moist. Not to mention the chips don’t even compare to French fries. They are thick cuts of potato fried to golden perfection. Ketchup doesn’t do them justice either. You have to go all in and cover them with malt vinegar and salt. You do the same with the fish. They compliment each other so well, but plain will do just fine as well. This gives the flavor of the fish to come through without it getting drowned out by tartar sauce. 

You can get fish and chips in most pubs around England. I had my first taste of them at a small pub called The Willow Tree on the outside of the city of Winchester.  

 The best fish and chip experience I had though was in the city of Swanage near the Jurassic Coast. They made our meals fresh when we ordered and we are on a picnic table right next to the English Channel. Smelling the ocean air and feeling the breeze from the water made the experience that much better.  

 I recommend trying the English dish at least once while you’re abroad even if fish isn’t your thing. Just make sure you don’t forget the mushy peas!  



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